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Monday, July 10, 2017

Guitar Hangar Monthly Open Jam Session: Summer Jam Recap | June 2017

What is the Guitar Hangar Open Jam?

On the last Tuesday of every month, Guitar Hangar invites customers, friends, and family to hang out after hours for the Guitar Hangar Open Jam Session. We set up a full backline, including multiple guitar amps, bass amp, drums, PA system with vocal mics, keyboards, and more. All players have to do is bring their instrument and jam!

The Guitar Hangar Open Jam Session is always a good time, but June's Summer Jam really exceeded expectations. Tons of friends came down to hang out, rock out, and chill out. We even had a special visit from shop owner Rick Tedesco's newest bandmates, Crude N' Rude, who played a few songs from their new album Fall To Hell. Crude N' Rude's 80's-90's Thrash Metal vibe was a big hit with the crowd.

Another highlight of the evening was an awesome rendition of the Beatles' "She's So Heavy", performed by friends of the shop Rori Shapiro, Karl Gonzales, Jay Silverberg, Steve Kiernan, Jody Cipot, and Dan McKee, with shop owner Rick Tedesco on background vocals. Rori really nailed the complex walking bassline, while Karl and the rest of the players were all over the complicated time signature and chord changes. One of the coolest things about this performance was that it all started in Guitar Hangar's Open Jam Facebook Group. This is a group we created so Open Jam regulars can communicate and coordinate songs for upcoming jams. It worked! Rori suggested "She's So Heavy" in one of the group's comment threads, a few other players responded, and the rest is history.

We always look forward to Open Jam Sessions in the summer months, because it's the perfect time of year to get friends together for a little rock n roll. We can't wait for the July and August Open Jams! Like us on Facebook for updates and event notifications.

What to Expect

For players who haven't been to an Open Jam at the Hangar yet, have no fear. While we often get professional-level heavy hitters with years of gigging experience, we also have lots of beginner and intermediate players that show up regularly and do just fine. We love giving newer, less experienced players a chance to jam with seasoned veterans. One of our favorite things about the jam is seeing novice players get better and better as time goes by. Some of our favorite players took their first lessons from us only a couple short years ago, and now they're kicking ass on the jam session stage! 

The musical style at the Open Jam is firmly rooted in classic rock, with players gravitating towards simple, blues-based riffs with singalong choruses and lots of room for solos. Think Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Beatles, Creedence, the Band, and other classic rock favorites.

The Open Jam Session isn't just for players looking to get onstage. We welcome anyone and everyone... and that includes audience members. The jam wouldn't be the jam without a crowd! Friends, families, curious onlookers - everyone's invited. Seating is limited but we encourage guests to bring chairs so you can rock out in comfort.

The Open Jam Session is a BYOB event. We welcome our guests to bring refreshments and snacks.

The Guitar Hangar Open Jam Session - the last Tuesday of every month @ 6pm

Guitar Hangar
270 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT

Guitar Hangar on Facebook

A few photos from the June Open Jam Session: Summer Jam

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